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An amateur film is a low budget film created as a hobby just for one’s passion and enjoyment which is not supposed to use for business purposes. There are several people who make short films just for their hobby and soon find it quite interesting and want to have a career in that.

There is a fine line between an aspiring and amateur filmmaker. Being a filmmaker is not about making a perfect film without any mistakes, the path to becoming a successful filmmaker is full of mistakes. Never hesitate to make a mistake because it’s a part of your creative process of learning and earning experience.

But there are some serious common mistakes which you need to avoid . Here learn from other filmmaker’s mistakes and avoid them.

Avoid starting with a weak story

A first draft is just the starting. Often your script needs a second or a third draft before becoming a polished one. So make sure to go through your script again and again, before you begin shooting. Make sure your story has a structure. This is generally a starting, a centre and an end, yet it doesn’t need to be uncovered in a specific order. You may streak forward and begin your story from the last scene or to utilize flashback as often as you need to keep your audience more engaged.

Avoid having poor casting choices

It is easier for you to get your friends and relatives to participate which might sound fun but you should consider getting real actors. There are numerous performers out there that need and deserve your consideration. You should simply do the casting. Numerous on-screen characters will volunteer to get a decent demo reel in return. This decision of yours will have a genuine effect on your film. Proficient performing artists are a better investment than your cousin or grandmother.

Avoid using those bad sounds

A good sound is a must if you want your video or the film to be the best. Make sure your actors are being heard, and that you can comprehend what they are saying. An ideal approach to do this is by utilizing an external microphone, a shotgun microphone, etc. Avoid locations with noise or outdoors, where you can’t control the sound around you.

Preferably try to stay inside and while shooting turn off all your electronic appliances to have a better and clearer sound. While introducing background sounds, make sure that the dialogues are not missed by them.

Avoid shooting in bad lighting

Having a decent eye for lighting is a vital ability; however, it is significant to have strong information keeping in mind the end goal to expand the quality of your lighting judgment. This will improve the general visibility of the set and make your life simpler. A decent approach to forestall awful lighting is to get a light meter. This way you will get target light readings, which will help you separate lighting conditions into a quantifiable estimation. Using a meter will make it easier for you to set up the lighting in a more efficient way. It will also result in better consistency while shooting the scenes and will give a fine look and feel to your movie. This is a tool you should not miss at any cost.

Avoid poor shot composition.

Cinematography is a vital piece of your film. You should dispose of a poor shot composition for an impeccable framing. Strong composition is a noteworthy reason why some movies or recordings are more exceptional than others. It’s essential to recollect these at all circumstances while making your movie. Proficient shot composition requires an immaculate confining for each shot. Cinematography is very important and in order to get a strong cinematography you need to keep it simple. You need to find a way to focus on the most visual attention which is the centre of your pictures. The best way to do this is by choosing less complicated backgrounds which do not steal attention from your subject.

Practice makes a man perfect, follow this and you will get the best outcome. The experience of making short movies is a standout amongst the best methods for avoiding these mistakes. It's less expensive and quicker than going on courses, and you get instant feedback on your work.

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