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Every movie lover looks forward to film festivals, not only to witness movies from various genres, dialects, countries but also to meet their favorite movie stars. Here is a list of the best film festivals where you can easily spot your favorite movie stars and can get a chance to meet them.

Venice Film Festivals Aug 31-Sept 10, 2017

Venice film festival was founded in 1932 and is one of the oldest festivals in the world. It is the most awaited film festival which no one wants to miss out. The awards given in this festival includes the Silver Lion, Golden Lion, Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award, Lion of the Future and many more. Without a doubt, this is a standout amongst the most prestigious and greatest film festivals in the world.

Cannes Film Festival May 17-28, 2017

Among the most well-known film festivals ever, the Cannes film festival was founded way back in the late 1930s. It is also one of the most popular festivals across the world, which produces impressive media hype and public interest. During this event the awards which are given includes the Prix Vulcain, Palme d’Or, Camera d’Or, Queer Palm, Grand Prix and so on.

Toronto Film Festival Sept 7-17, 2017

The Toronto film celebration was established in 1976 and has from that point forward come to be known as a prestigious film festival. Among the awards that it presents are the People’s Choice honor and the Best Canadian Feature Film grant. It was at first called ‘The Festivals of Festivals’. It was established by William Marshall, Henk van der Kolk and Dusty Cohl.

Sundance Film Festival Jan 19-29, 2017

This festival was created in 1978 and now it is considered one of the largest international film festivals in the United States of America. Ever since its foundation SFF takes place in Utah in the beginning of every year. It exhibits autonomous movies made by both American and international independent movie makers. It likewise leads different rivalries for documentary movies, short movies, feature films, etc. It can also be called as the voice of independent movie makers because throughout the years it has screened a big portion of the autonomous film that we would not have generally heard or seen. You can visit it next year in January.

Annecy International Animated Film Festival Jun 12-17, 2017

One of the greatest film festivals for animated movies, the Annecy International Animated Film Festival was established in 1960 and happens in Annecy, France. Earlier in the initial years of this event, it only took take place once in every two years, but from 1998, it was celebrated as a yearly event. The characteristic that makes this festival to stand out amongst all the others, is that it exhibits different techniques of animated movies, be it displaying clay or cut-out papers or animated drawings.

Hong Kong International Film Festival March 21- April 4, 2017

It is known for promoting and propelling the works of new talents and was established in 1977. In 2005, the festival became an independent and charitable association. It holds different awards and rivalries consistently to recognize the work of the movie makers, for example, Asian Digital Competition, Humanitarian Awards for Documentaries, The Fresh Wave Short Film Competition, and so forth. Aside from screening film, it likewise sorts out courses, gatherings, displays and meetings.

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