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There are so many film festivals across the world which might confuse a film lover and make difficult to choose from. Here is a list of top locations that houses the most popular film festivals which you must visit.

Park City, Sundance Film Festival, Jan 19-29, 2017

The snowy slopes of Park City, Utah harbor America’s best film festival. Always occurring at the start of the year, Sundance sets the tone for coming festivals and showcases the most foreseen in American cinema for the year. With screenings, boards, workshops and activities, Sundance remains a boon for any film proficient and a social destination for a common man. You will love the festival as well as exploring the host city.

Cannes, Festival de Cannes, May 17-28, 2017

The lustrous waters, sweet air and idyll of the South of France draw numerous visitors, most prominently amid the Festival de Cannes. Cannes is a destination for any movie maker or cinephile and has developed to end up plainly the most foreseen of film festivals. The entire world looks to Cannes and Cannes looks back with the most prestigious debuts and awards of the festival season.

Berlin, Berlin International Film Festival, Feb 09-18, 2017

Welcome to Germany’s historic city festival, Berlinale. Berlin is an absolute necessity for the cosmopolitan film lover, showing around 400 movies a year, mostly from international contestants. Berlinale has programs for an assortment of classes from both emerging and established filmmakers.

Sarasota, Sarasota Film Festival, March 31- April 9, 2017

It comes in the top 25 coolest film festivals in the world. Tucked into the moderate Gulf Coast of Florida, Sarasota sees more than 180 movies every year at SFF. The event hosts both international and domestic movies for both narrative and documentary features.

Marfa, Marfa Film Festival, July 12-16, 2017

Escape to the desert with this film festival in Marfa, Texas. Marfa, already known for moderate art and film, has this unassuming celebration each July. MFF shows movies one at a time, permitting the audiences to appreciate the whole program and blend with industry experts. It’s ideal for the folksier event goer who inclines toward dusk viewings to red carpets.

Sarajevo, Sarajevo Film Festival, Aug 12-20, 2017

Representing talent from all over south-east Europe, the Sarajevo Film Festival is saturated with political importance. And you may expect this from a festival that incorporates a Human Rights Day program. SFF started in 1995 toward the finish of the Siege of Sarajevo as an approach to safeguarding the city’s cultural cachet. Its “In Focus” highlight grandstands best movies from the area.

Venice, Venice Film Festival, Aug 30-Sept 09, 2017

The city might be sinking; but Venice International Film Festival knows how to swim. Venice represents to many individuals’ minds what a film festival ought to resemble: celebrities, parties, media and debuts. Venice regularly gets a large portion of the year’s best movies before other local celebrations, but, more than anything, it guarantees to be an energizing getaway.

Toronto, Toronto International Film Festival, Sept 7-17, 2017

Visit our neighbors toward the North and enjoy Toronto International Film Festival. TIFF is a top celebration for North America, equaling Cannes and Venice from abroad, arranged in the urban Mecca of Toronto. TIFF keeps running in the fall, making it a top place for debuts before the beginning of awards season. Huge numbers of the movies appeared at TIFF are first picks for Oscar buzz.

Savannah, Savannah Film Festival, Oct 28-Nov 24, 2017

Offering Spanish greenery and Southern cordiality, the Savannah Film Festival acquires the absolute most capable on-screen characters and producers of the day. The Savannah College of Art and Design hosts the eight-day celebration which sees more than 50,000 participants for screenings, workshops, boards and addresses. Savannah screens a hefty portion of the year’s top movies and respects excellent big name visitors. Honorees in 2016 included LA LA Land which also got nominated for the Oscars.

Amsterdam, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Nov 15-26, 2017

With Amsterdam’s vivid tulip fields and storybook locates, this qualifies as the prettiest film celebration you could go to. On top of that, IDFA offers 11 days of movies, boards and several types of events with around 2,500 worldwide experts. Participants will need to look at its “Docs available to be purchased” program, a top place for purchasing and offering narrative movies. The Forum, which they depict as a “breeding ground for new documentary ventures,” is likewise an absolute necessity.

These places are best for a vacation trip along with witnessing the best film festivals hosted by them.

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