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Casting The Right Way – Why Going Beyond Your Circle Of Friends Is The Best Choice


The process of choosing the right actors to fit the characters in your mind is not easy. But it can be!

Whether you’re casting for an indie or a mega-budget movie, amateur or for the big time, the intention ought to be to identify the best talent that’s out there. Give yourself the chance to explore beyond your immediate circle of friends and step out of your comfort zone to find what you’re looking for. Believe in your product!

You’ll be surprised with what you will be gifted with once you allow this creative freedom.

Once you’ve decided to open up your auditions to the greatness that your film deserves, you will be ready to do this:

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Select an empty spacious room with minimal furniture

Find A Spacious Venue

A cramped, packed space can distract your actors and make them feel uncomfortable. Select an empty spacious room with minimal furniture, like a chair and maybe a table, if the script needs one. Make sure it’s well-lit and pleasant. The open space will give your actors the environment to really show what they’re capable of. Plus, a neutral room, as opposed to your uncle’s garage, gives a more professional impression. Be organized, assured and friendly.

Give Choices But Be Specific

The choices we are referring to are about the scripts that you offer during auditions. Give your actors a choice of characters and script sides to read from. This will also make the casting process more interesting for you. Once an actor has chosen a script, be specific about its characterization. Avoid vague descriptions. It’ll be easier for the actors to depict and portray, while making your selection job easier. Also print out copies in advance of the various script sides for your actors to use in a good, clear font.


Chemistry between your actors is important

Do Callbacks And Pairing

Assuming your actors are not from your immediate friend circle, once you’ve selected a tentative list of actors, don’t confirm till after the callback. Callbacks serve the purpose of refreshing your memory about certain actors, ensuring your first impressions were accurate but most important to see how the actors play off each other. Chemistry between your actors is important and if it’s not working in the callback audition, it most certainly will not on screen. Also, chemistry can’t be taught or developed over time. It’s a tricky attribute that’s either there or it isn’t.


Be Encouraging And Positive

If the film in question is yours, you’ve probably written or read the script 100 times. You know the characters thoroughly and are now virtually a part of your life! But the new actors coming to your auditions are not so familiar. Don’t lose patience if an actor portrays a particular character in a way that you never expected. In fact, be open to alternate expressions of your characters, provided they are within means. Offer respectable feedback to the actors (who are not your friends!) to bring out their best. Lastly, go to the auditions well rested and positive. Make it a more fulfilling process for both you and the actors you are casting. Even if most of them are not selected for this film, you never know when you may cross paths again so be polite, always!

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